“They use the radio waves to talk, but the signals don’t come from them. The signals come from machines.”

“So who made the machines? That’s who we want to contact.”

They made the machines. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Meat made the machines.”

“That’s ridiculous. How can meat make a machine? You’re asking me to believe in sentient meat.”

– Meat by Terry Bisson


Practical Experience vs Theoretical Knowledge

“So you don’t have any knowledge of any software, any practical knowledge?” asked the team manager of a reputed company.

“No sir, but I am a fast learner and academically strong,” was all I could reply.

From early on, we are taught that marks are the important thing, that we should always score 90% or more otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do anything in life.
An economics graduate from one of the most reputed universities of India, I felt like I knew nothing during my interviews. During the three years of my under graduation study, all I was taught was theoretical knowledge, no projects, no specialised software, no research, no knowledge of the actual world. Just theories, which no doubt are important but so is the practical knowledge. Even though I fought for a subject that offered somewhat practical knowledge, but I was refused by college authorities, even though university offered that subject. Why? Didn’t I have right to choose what I want to study? 21 years of my life gone by, and I didn’t know how to use the immense knowledge I had gathered over the years. The rat race we are put in by everyone, to score good marks, where does it lead? I was one of those rats, maybe still am. I was one of the top scorers in my college. And where did it land me? A year gap to prepare for my masters. Only those people, who actually take a year gap for studies during the prime years of their life, can understand the stress of it.

So not only marks, but an overall development of a child is necessary. Our system needs to learn this. That’s how you can actually turn this large population, which seems a burden to everyone, to the most powerful human force in the world. Otherwise, this “burden” on our shoulders, may never get off.

via Inside IIT

A master’s masterpiece

A gifted painter was putting the final, finishing touches on his painting on a piece of canvas on an easel in a picturesque spot in a mountainous terrain. His students were assembled near the easel, keenly watching the beauty of nature depicted in the masterpiece with appreciation, admiration and adoration. Having completed his work, the master placed the palette with paints on the ground and slowly moved backwards to assess the painting meticulously. Suddenly one of the students turned back and was shocked to see that the master had reached the extreme edge of a cliff and the next step backwards would lead to a fatal fall into a very deep valley. He did not dare to warn him by shouting for fear of hastening his master’s fall by the shock of his shouting.

He quickly took the palette and threw it at the painting, splashing the paints all over the painting. Shocked at the sight, the painter leaped forward to nab his student who destroyed his masterpiece. He shouted violently and abused the student for causing irreparable damage to his painstaking creation. The student silently suffered the humiliation. When the master had calmed down slightly, he requested the master to turn back and see the dangerous brink where he had reached just before the incident. He explained that his action was the only option to save his master’s life.
Everyone turned to see the spot and praised the intelligent and timely action of the student which saved a valuable life. The master embraced the loving student, begged his pardon for his reckless reaction and thanked him for saving him from a tragic death.

God is our loving father who has a clear plan for the welfare of every one He created. He may expose us to hardships and painful situations in life with a noble intention which we may fail to realize and recognize.
Pain, poverty and illness, ordeals, ridicule and loneliness may cause agony in our life. God provides each of us with the best environment required for optimum spiritual growth. But some experiences may appear to be bitter and unpleasant to us and we may even complain to God about our plight.